Meet The Band

Mike Dunne

After spending a summer in California as a young teenager, Mike became enamored with the electric guitar. Returning to Kansas with a skateboard and some money, he quickly purchased an electric guitar and started playing in bands. Within a few months, Mike was cutting his musical teeth on The Ventures, Paul Revere and the Raiders and The Beatles. These garage bands started writing their own music, earning a reputation in the area. Before he could even drive himself to a gig, Mike was playing professionally at proms, fraternity parties, and local “Teen Town” dances.

Growing up in Manhattan, Kansas, Mike brought his fascination with rock and roll into high school. His bands toured throughout the Midwest, providing entertainment for national conventions and large scale events. Musical influences included Led Zeppelin, Santana, The Who, Chicago, and many soul acts like James Brown and Wilson Pickett.

In the summer before college, Mike tried out for the band that became Kansas. Both Mike and the other lead guitarist (Kerry Livgren) were accepted, along with two members of Mike’s high school rock band, The Process. Mike decided to pursue his college education at KU instead of the band. He also recognized Kerry’s early abilities. He continued his association with Kansas by providing them an acoustic rock warm-up act called Mom’s Apple Pie. Mike still enjoys seeing the original Kansas group, now called Proto Kaw, and he has played with them at album release events.

Family and career goals slipped music into a different gear, as Mike spent years using his talents in church and musical ministry. He again traveled across the Bible belt, playing nearly 125 concerts a year. He stopped after becoming an executive in Human Resources at Hallmark Cards.

Gery Illgner

Gery, keyboards, began playing piano/organ and drums in Omaha while in grade school. Growing up in a musical family, he was surrounded by singing & harmonies, and at the age of 9 began piano lessons with the nuns in Catholic grade school. Drum lessons were added to the mix … playing rock'n'roll and at church continued throughout grade school, high school, college, and beyond.

Gery played in numerous bands throughout school, and his first early gigs included neighborhood parties & carnivals, and playing for grade school parties (including his own grade school graduation party). Some of the bands styles were rock'n'roll (Credence Clearwater Revival, Allman Brothers, the Doors, the Beatles, Steppenwolf), and Gery also played with bands in Omaha's inner city / near north side ... soul and funk (Kool and the Gang, Ohio Players, Tower of Power, Average White Band, Sly and the Family Stone, Herbie Hancock, the Commodores, etc).

Gery studied music while enrolled in the College of Music at the University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO); classical music, jazz bands, and also trained with Tony Gulizia. Enjoying all styles of music, it financed his college education, especially when the gigs were steady (Omaha agents Subby Anzaldo and Eddy Haddad kept his band "Now & Then" playing on a steady basis in the clubs in the Nebraska - Iowa region). By the time Gery received an offer to play on cruise ships in the Caribbean, he had changed his major from Music and had his Business Degree at UNO.

A few years later Gery retired from music, and did not return to the stage for 15 years. When a surprise birthday party needed a band … friends from his old bands (Fat Dog Boogie Band & MacNasty) traveled to Kansas City from Omaha, Chicago, and New York to create a Blues Brothers style band. The Blues Brothers format continued for a few years, until Mike Dunne and Tim Plumb called regarding their mission to create a band for one night. ONE NIGHT STAND played again and again during the following years … the requests for ONE NIGHT STAND to perform are not slowing down.

Dale Armstrong

Dale’s music career began early in life at the ripe old age of 12. He and another classmate started their first band called Midnight Fire, a 3-piece group made up of guitar, bass and drums. Midnight Fire remained 3-piece until 1979 when they added a keyboardist and a singer/front man Charlie Stendebach (from Charlie and the Stingrays). They changed their name to Myth and began playing 6 nights a week. They even enjoyed the excitement of opening for the rock band, Missouri at a concert in St. Joseph. After a brief break from the music scene, in 1982, Dale joined former members of the popular St. Joseph band Liquid Fire calling themselves The Holdouts, with whom he played for the next couple of years.

Dale’s life took a new turn in 1984 when he became a Christian. He said goodbye to The Holdouts and formed a contemporary Christian band called Straight Street. Playing all original material, Dale stretched his abilities collaborating with drummer Rod Lincoln (later to work with Shooting Star). After a few months the band split up, and each followed their own personal path. In the spring of 1985 Dale had the great experience of auditioning as lead singer for the well-known Christian rock band White Heart. As a young artist and song writer, this opened exposure to the studios and publishing in the Nashville scene.  Dale has also paralleled his music career playing and singing on church worship teams.

In the summer of 2003, Dale joined One Night Stand filling the role as bass player and sharing the role of lead singer (all four members of the band sing). He is featured on songs, “Superstition,” “Hold On Loosely,” “Vehicle,” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” just to name a few.

Dan Gabrielse

Dan, the newest member, has been playing drums with the group since the summer of 06.  A seasoned veteran of working bands, he is no stranger to the stage, and brings an expanded dimension to the already strong vocals of 'One Night Stand'.  With a heavy background in Gospel and Christian rock, Dan really appreciates the talent and musicianship of Players who desire to 'get it right'.

"We have a very strong bond.  We're all friends for one thing, and everybody has a say". He says about the personnel of the group.  "I also think it's pretty incredible that we all sing and play at the same time, something not too many bands can tout.  This makes us versatile and able to duplicate, with a measure of excellence, even the most involved songs from the different eras that we cover.  When you hire us, you get more than you bargain for, instead of the other way around".

Dan puts it like this: “We enjoy facilitating fun times… letting the crowd get involved with the music and the memories associated with each song. One Night Stand has done our job right when the crowd is exhausted because they just spent three hours actin’ like they were back in school again.”  Dan is convinced they can mimic any other band and sometimes even improve that sound.